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How to deal with resignations


Jenni Woods

When an employee hands you their resignation, it is always a difficult moment. Usually, it will come as an unexpected situation, which means that you will not already have devised a plan regarding how you will deal with the issue. The most vital thing is that you remain professional at all times, and we have put together some great tips to help you to do exactly this.

Don’t take it personally

There will probably be lots of reasons that a resignation has been filed, most of which don’t involve you or your management skills. You should never take a resignation personally, as the only person who it is personal to is the employee.

Avoid arguing

You should never get into an argument about a resignation. They have chosen to hand it in, which they are legally allowed to do, meaning that there is little point in confrontation, as it will simply cause bad feeling towards you, and cause the employee to view both you and the company in a negative light.

Don’t show relief

Sometimes, you may be glad that an employee is leaving a role, however you should never show this. This kind of behaviour can be seen as unprofessional, which is something that could spread about your company in the future.

Show thanks for their work

It is vital to show any employee who is leaving that they were valued while they were in the company. This means that they will leave on good terms, and that they are much more likely to talk positively about the company in the future.

Give your congratulations

Usually, an employee starting a new job brings a lot of work for you, as you will need to advertise for their role and then begin to carry our interviews. This could make you feel negatively about anyone who chooses to leave the company, however you cannot let this show. Instead, you should congratulate them on their new role, and let them know that you wish them all the best in the future.

Consider what you are going to do next

After an appropriate amount of time, the rest of the team will need to know that another member of their team is leaving. It is likely that they will have confided in some of their colleagues, meaning that this could be an issue that is worth addressing quickly, before rumours start to spread. By ensuring that the situation is handled delicately and professionally, you can be sure of a good outcome for all concerned.