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A year of change in the labour market


Jenni Woods

If you are currently an employer, it is vital that you understand all of the trends that have been taking place in the market, as this gives you the best possible chance of recruiting successfully. We have put together some great information about recruitment trends from the past year, giving you plenty to think about.

A higher number of vacancies

Over the course of the past year, the number of overall vacancies has risen, with almost 830,000 job vacancies open between May and June. This could be great if you are looking for a job, however if you are a recruiter you will always need to make sure that your company is an attractive prospect for anyone looking for work.

A lack of available talent in some sectors

Although there is still a lot of talent in the job market as a whole, there are some sectors which are struggling to fill the gaps that they have. This includes health and social work, and also accommodation and food service. On the other hand, public administration roles were amongst the easiest to fill.

Levels of unemployment are reducing

Despite a lot of panic over the past decade about levels of unemployment rising, this is now reversing, bringing us to the lowest since the middle of the 1970s. Current figures suggest that there are 1.3 million people looking for work who would be able to quickly accept a role if offered, and this certainly seems to be a positive move forward.

So, if you are recruiting at the moment, it is important to think about what all of these facts mean to you. Doing so will help you to make positive plans for you recruitment drive, giving you the best possible chance of having people in the roles who are ideal for the job you hve available.