Technology and talent management – three trends to look out for


Talent management is being transformed, with technology firmly at the forefront of these changes. HR is no longer a paper-based activity that takes place at a desk in an office; today, it is a more dynamic and efficient process, with mobile, social, analytics and the cloud at its core.

It is not a particularly long time ago that finding the right candidate for a role involved placing advertisements in print newspapers and industry magazines; today, the recruitment industry has a far greater reach through online advertisements, social networks, and recommendations from employees or industry professionals.

The internet means that both recruiters and candidates no longer find themselves restricted by time or location. Developments in technology are only set to increase and it is vital for hiring managers to keep on top of these advances to extend their reach to relevant candidates and for candidates to ensure they are in the running to secure their dream role.

Hiring algorithms

Software that eliminates both discrimination and bias from the recruitment process is an exciting prospect and essential for diverse workforces. Such technology is also able to reduce both the time and cost of finding new employees. Software will use data, skills testing and intelligence related to each individual business to ensure the best candidates are matched to the correct roles, leaving recruiters free to invest more time refining their recruitment strategies.


Apps are everywhere and there really is an app for everything. Many businesses are ditching the out-dated employee satisfaction survey and replacing it with apps that collect essential feedback from their employees. This technology has emerged from websites such as eBay, where feedback and being seen to respond to criticism is vital; in addition, it is a cost-effective and efficient way of identifying any potential issues within the business and correcting them quickly.

These apps are allowing management to respond to feedback more efficiently, as feedback is collected in real time and ensures the voices of employees are heard. Employees are encouraged to post thoughts, criticism and encouragement, which will enable the business to flourish with the application of new ideas and minor changes. Engagement from employees is closely linked to overall satisfaction and it has been proven that a happy workforce is also a productive one.


Big data undoubtedly has a large role to play in talent management moving forward. A company must remain engaged with its employees at all times and fully understand how it can enhance this relationship. To do this, collecting and analysing data that explains the aspects that lead to a successful employee, why they want to stay in their role and how the workforce as a whole can work together to improve is essential.

This technology is almost like a one-to-one CEO and employee meeting. HR will use software to analyse information from a number of sources to build a picture of a workforce as a whole and establish strategies that will allow the team to progress.

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