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Your selfie obsession could cost you your job. Here’s why

Selfies can be seen as a way of expressing yourself; of checking in with your friends; or of showing off to the world. But they may also have adverse effects upon your career.... Read more

Is your night shift fast tracking you to a heart attack?

A new study led by Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts has stated that women who work night shifts may be at much higher risk of heart disease.... Read more

Dressing appropriately for work – how to navigate the unwritten rules

If 90% of communication is non-verbal, what you are wearing could be making a far bigger statement than what you are saying.... Read more

Not getting promoted at work? Here are the real reasons why

Do you turn up to work late, or indulge in a bit of office gossip? This might just be why you were passed over for that promotion you’d been eyeing up.... Read more

Your staff should be allowed to bring their babies to work. Here’s why

In the current climate, employers are continually looking for ways of engaging with and supporting their staff. And one essential facet in achieving this is through gender equality.... Read more

How are you supporting your transgender employees – and why you need a clear strategy

Organisations have made strides forward in changing their cultures to be more supportive to gay and lesbian employees and most will now have a LGBT staff policy. LGBT abbreviates lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender.... Read more

Should we treat our employees in the same way as our smartphones?

If we treated our employees with the same undivided attention that we devote to our smartphones, we might see general productivity increase and motivation to soar.... Read more

Why pulling a sickie could be grounds for gross misconduct dismissal

It is not uncommon for employees to fake illness once in a while to gain an extra day off; however, when an injury or illness has been exaggerated to gain an extended period of leave and furnish a claim for sick pay and the employer has evidence that t...... Read more

White lies on your CV? These highly successful people were caught in the act

We have all had that fleeting moment when we realise just how easy it would be to bump up a grade or add that little extra bit of experience to help us to produce a truly dynamic CV.... Read more

Use knowledge of uk’s top craftsmen and women to make us envy of the world

New research commissioned by leaders in skills development City & Guilds says that craftsmanship, a drive for excellence or pride in a job well done, should be embedded into all industries from administration through to agriculture.... Read more